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Colorless Jojoba Oil

This clear oil is void of the yellow pigment and natural fragrance found in the Golden Grade, as they have been removed in a natural process using diatomaceous earth.
as.The demand for colorless jojoba oil comes in the wake of white creams, in which the special and inherent properties of the jojoba remain intact, yet do not influence the color or fragrance of the resulting cosmetic.

INCI Name:  Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Commercial Name:  Colorless Jojoba Oil
Description:  Liquid Virgin Oily Wax, Obtained from Natural Jojoba Seeds.
Production  Method:  Cold Press.
Appearance: Colorless Clear Oil, Odorless


Melting  point 9°  C
SpecificGravity at 25°C (gr/ml)0.863-0.873
Refractive index  (40°C)1.450-1.470
**Unsaponifiable  Matter45 - 55%
**Iodine  value  (g/100g)80 -92
**Acid  value  (mg KOH/g)Max.:1
**Saponification value  (mg KOH/gr oil)85 - 98
**Moisture (Karl Fischer) W.T.%Max.: 0.1%
**Peroxide  value ( meq./kg)Max.:  2
**Bacteria  total  plate  countMax.: 50
Color lovibond  51/4Max.:Y-3.0 , R-1.0
Color gardnerMax. :1

Please note: Analysis marked **   are made periodically by Independent ISO/IEC
certified laboratory, from samples taken from each batch being processed.
Calibration standards used are maintained in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 17025 (1999)
and are traceable to National and International Standards.

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Colorless Jojoba Oil

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