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Golden Jojoba Oil

The Golden Oil is produced from jojoba beans grown in the Negev fields of Israel and cold-pressed naturally, without any chemicals, into light oil with golden highlights and a distinctive slight aroma. The Golden Grade Oil has proven medicinal properties, and special features that are unattainable in any other oil produced from seeds or fruits in the whole of the natural world. 

Because of its special chemical-molecular composition, with its long chain esters, the oil penetrates the skin pores without clogging them, thus allowing the skin to breath freely while at the same time rejuvenating itself with the oil’s moisturizing effect. (Jojoba oil is composed principally of 40 and 42 Carbon chain length esters, which are in turn composed of monounsaturated fatty acids and fatty alcohols of 16 to 24 carbon chain length.

Golden Grade Jojoba oil is an essential ingredient for such cosmetics as: creams for various uses, shampoos meant to rejuvenate hair follicles, and for ensuring moisture in dry skin. And as such, the oil is often used as the basis for Para-medicines in the treatment of skin and hair.
This oil is naturally hypoallergenic and, when as a component of creams, is calming to sensitive skin, allowing those suffering from allergies to also enjoy the natural moisturizing effects enriching the skin.

INCI Name:  Simmondsia  Chinensis  Seed Oil
Commercial Name:  Golden Jojoba Oil
Description: Liquid Virgin Oily Wax, Obtained from Natural Jojoba Seeds.
Production  Method:  Cold Press.
Appearance: Yellow Clear Oil, Very light Odor


Melting  point9°  C
Specific gravity at 25°C (gr/ml)0.863 - 0.873
Refractive index  (40°C)1.450-1.470
**Unsaponifiable  Matter 45 - 55%
**Iodine  value  (g/100g)80 -92
**Acid  value  (mg KOH/g)Max.:1
**Saponification value  (mg KOH/gr oil)85 - 98
**Moisture (Karl Fischer) WT.% Max.: 0.1%
**Peroxide  value ( meq./kg)Max.:  2
**Bacteria  total  plate  count Max.: 50
Color gardnerMax.: 9

Please note: Analysis marked **   are made periodically by Independent ISO/IEC
certified laboratory, from samples taken from each batch being processed.
Calibration standards used are maintained in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 17025 (1999)
and are traceable to National and International Standards. 
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Golden Jojoba Oil

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