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"Jojoba Israel" is Israel’s leading Jojoba Company. It was established in 1988 by "Kibbutz Hatzerim" in the Negev, which  also owns the "Netafim irrigation systems", a global leader in low volume drip irrigation methods.
Jojoba Oil is exported to many countries, and its customers include some of the world’s largest cosmetics manufacturers, located in the U.S., Germany, France, China, Japan, Spain, etc..



Jojoba is gold colored liquid wax that is produced using cold press machines. It is made of seeds grown on the Jojoba tree. Jojoba seeds are specially selected at the sorting house.
The entire process is conducted without human contact and without chemicals, resulting a pure natural liquid wax of the highest quality that serves as an important ingredient used by the high-end cosmetic industry worldwide.


The cultivation of the Jojoba plant in Israel started in the mid-1960s when scientists at the Practical Research Institute at Ben Gurion University began to import Jojoba seeds and tried to grow them in the Negev. These attempts continued for over a decade during which time a number of varieties were tested in order to grow plants with unique oil features, natural resistance to pests, high harvest potential and an efficient plant structure. In addition, the improvements included more efficient plant feeding using drip irrigation– a new development at that time. Concurrently, comprehensive research was conducted on the unique characteristics of the oil and its potential uses. 


In 1989, Kibbutz Hatzerim decided to upgrade the process of growing Jojoba used both on the kibbutz and across Israel. A nursery was established for the mother plants; and consequently, Jojoba was established as an independent branch in the Negev and for the entire country. This process was crowned a success; and today, Israel produces the highest quality Jojoba in the world. This agricultural and agro-technological achievement positions "Jojoba Israel" at the forefront of international Jojoba growers, with an average harvest of 4,500 kg of seeds per hectare, using mechanized harvesting.



In 2010, Jojoba Israel initiated the “10-year Growth Plan” that aimed to double the volume of Jojoba produced in a 6 year period. This plan will help Jojoba Israel become the biggest Jojoba grower and manufacturer in the world.
Jojoba Israel located in Kibbutz Hatzerim is Israel’s largest Jojoba company. The company exports its Jojoba oil in 860 kg. IBC oil containers, 180 kg. metal drums or plastic jars of 50 kg / 25 kg / 16 kg .
Jojoba Israel actively promotes the use of Jojoba Oil by cosmetics manufacturers as an essential ingredient in every product designed to protect the skin or hair.
 For this purpose, Jojoba Israel continues to expand its production and will double its fields size in the near future. Jojoba Israel focuses on the production of a high quality product under the international kashrut supervision of  Rabbi Gabriel Kadosh of Israel’s bne-shimon  region. Jojoba Israel has been authorized to produce organic oil, under the supervision of "Agrior".
Jojoba Israel is a growing company that aims to introduce Jojoba Oil’s advantages to all cosmetic manufacturers worldwide. The availability of the oil on a global level increases the protection of the cosmetics manufacturers against raw material shortages, a phenomenon experienced by the industry during the last decade. For this purpose, extensive marketing activities are being implemented by both manufacturers and growers.


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