Jojoba Israel


“Jojoba Israel”  will  position jojoba as an accepted standard ingredient used by the global cosmetic industry.
“Jojoba Israel” will serve as the most significant influential factor in the global jojoba market.


As a factory that originated on a collective Kibbutz, Jojoba Israel will continue to maintain its special ‘family atmosphere’ at the factory.
We are committed to the highest standards of product quality, environmental protection and respect for human value and liberty, in all of our stages of cultivation and production.
We are committed to the continual process of improving and streamlining our production systems, while protecting the environment through the use of water saving systems, agricultural mechanization that saves on manpower, and by avoiding the use of pesticides during the cultivation process.
We are committed to our customers and suppliers, as part of the circle of continual growth in our industry.
Jojoba Israel considers the company’s human capital its primary strength for the future, and it invests time and effort in its personal and professional development, by providing opportunities for study within and outside the factory. 


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